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About Us

Infinity Real Estate & Consultancy Agency is a boutique real estate agency providing exclusive and off market properties with personalized customer service.

Our portfolio consists of a wide range and types of properties for sale such as hotels and exclusive investment opportunities. Infinity Real Estate & Consultancy Agency was created based on the idea of serving international Funds and investors in the hospitality sector, by combining our deep knowledge in investment consultancy and real estate with our passion in providing excellent service to our clients.

The team of Infinity Real Estate & Consultancy Agency has carefully hand -picked the properties listed driven by each property’s unique location, privacy and amenities.

Ιnfinity is the specialized department of Roula Rouva Group of Companies which offers consulting services in relation to the sale of investment properties.

Roula Rouva Group of Companies was founded in 2003 by Ms. Roula Rouva and today its services extend to the island of Corfu, Paxos and in various areas of Greece through our network of partners. As Mrs. Rouva was the president of the Greek Association of Broker Price Opinion Certified Professionals (EPPA) and is member of the international associations NAR and CEPI, the network and the know-how of our Group of Companies are constantly growing.